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  • Integrating Character Ed into the Common Core - Cleveland Elementary Pilot

Character Education

Easily Integrate Character Ed into Common Core Stories to Light Our Way: honor diversity, nurture character, prevent bullying


Modeling a path towards civil discourse and shared values through public roundtables at both the grassroots and highly visible events.

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Wisdom Thinkers Network believes that stories have the power to change the world, and by reweaving the wisdom of our traditional stories, both sacred and secular, and new understandings into education and public life we will be able to strengthen our social fabric and foster a more compassionate, inclusive, civil society. Learn more about us.

What is Wisdom?

Wisdom Thinkers Roundtable 2012

Re-Enchanting Humanity: Stories for  Sustainable Future



On Wednesday, November 28 through Friday, November 30, 2012 at Syracuse University only weeks after one of the most divisive elections, and months following the Earth Summit drew competing lines on Mother Earth, we gathered to tell the stories of our civilization and search for a shared narrative to restore civility and move us beyond the conflict to peace.

“The stories we choose to tell and how we choose to tell them, determines the course of civilization.”
~ Ralph Singh, Chair, Wisdom Thinkers Network

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Widom Thinkers Network Awarded Grant

Wisdom Thinkers Network recently received a Grant from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation to support and assist in implementing the Stories to Light Our Way Education program and anti- bullying simulation games to promote positive changes in behavior, improved academic performance and a better more inclusive school environment. About Richard S. Shineman Foundation.  The Richard S. Shineman… Read More

Ralph Singh’s “Story’s to Light Our Way”

Highlighted in CNY Central’s Brandon Roth’s report with Principal Michael Smolnik at Cleveland Elementary, Nat’l Blue Ribbon and School Of Character winner Cleveland Elementary was on display for Central NY and the world to see, as Principal Michael Smolnik and the students hosted CNY Central (WSTM) reporter Brandon Roth live yesterday morning to celebrate and… Read More

Nat’l School of Character, Cleveland Elementary and WTN Stories featured on local NPR affiliate

A Cleveland, NY Elementary School Finds Building Character Boosts Performance Completed article Public Schools started this week…and one Central New York school is trying to pack in much more than the Core Curriculum. Cleveland Elementary in Oswego County has a commitment to “Character Education.” Completed article can be found on WAER.org,