Wisdom Thinkers Roundtable Summits

Drawn together with a common purpose these Wisdom Thinkers from different traditions and secular disciplines are gathering out of their common to desire to develop a shared narrative from our wisdom stories.

In agreement that reweaving wisdom stories and divergent views from our varied traditions, disciplines, and cultures into the fabric of society through education and public dialogue offers a simple first step in engaging a broad spectrum of our populace in creating a more caring, inclusive, pluralistic civil society. Read More

Stories to Light Our Way

“The stories have helped the children quickly internalize behavioral messages that have otherwise been difficult to teach. It has not only benefited the children but helped change the atmosphere here. They will carry these stories with them the rest of their lives.” Terra Royal, Youth Director, Huntington Family Centers

It was a busy summer for the WTN Stories to Light Our Way team. Francis Parks, adjunct professor of Story Telling at Syracuse University’s School of Visual and Performing Arts, and recognized as one of the areas pre-eminent story tellers, teamed with Ralph Singh to develop a three hour training module for school and community groups. The initial session was hosted in late May by Huntington Family Centers in collaboration with Imagine Syracuse, and attracted youth directors or program staff from 10 different community centers in the Near-West and Southwest quadrants who work directly with enrichment and after hours’ programs for children from the Syracuse City School District, and those who have separate community based youth programs. Read More