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Community Strengths Institute

Community Strengths Institute  – CSI – Giving People a Voice Again

We convene a consortium of business and community leaders working with educators to bring hope to the rural and urban poor and inspire the leading students with the vision and resources so they can stay home, change their stories, and revitalize their communities.

The Institute fulfills our original goal of extending our leadership roundtables to grassroots communities. These home-grown leadership forums will also provide a direct bridge for students to participate in local efforts to support the positive changes they envision.

  • Purpose: To give “Voice” on issues identified by the participants, that they would like to address using the “Change the Story” program to frame topics. The topic is decided by group consensus.
  • The group is Community members, parents, PTO members, senior citizen groups, service organizations, volunteer fire departments, Grange, HS Seniors, Elected representatives, businesses and Anyone who cares about positive change.
  • Length: 6 sessions, 1.5 to 2 hours, evenings or weekends, once a month
  • Starting in the Spring of 2016 the Community Strengths Institute, Contact your School District Administrator to Let them know you would like to participate
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