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(while avoiding the “Danger of Single Story”)

Helping all children find their story (while avoiding the “danger of a single story”) -This is a pivotal moment in education – the convergence of the need (and demand) for Student voice and the moral imperative for culturally responsive resources which help teachers and society avoid the danger of a single story. Especially on the 20th anniversary of 9-11 we need to change the dominant narrative from conflict and hatred. Using award winning using multi-cultural wisdom stories aligned to both the SEL competencies and ASCD you will learn how to simply integrate “Snappy the turtle who couldn’t keep his mouth shut,” to teach self-control, “the Real Bargain,” to help children understand what we really value may not have a $, and “Shifting Sands,” story of forgiveness, into your classroom, buildings, families, and communities to build a culture which welcomes all students. Watch CSED come to life within a culturally responsive framework integrated into CCS and next gen ELA so character ed and SEL are no longer seen as “separate subjects” or just skills but pervade the world of our children.

Ralph Singh, Founder and Chief Storyteller, Wisdom Thinkers Network

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