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Helping all children find their story (while avoiding the “danger of a single story”)

HELPING ALL CHILDREN FIND THEIR STORY (while avoiding the “Danger of Single Story”) DescriptionHelping all children find their story (while avoiding the “danger of a single story”) -This is a pivotal moment in education – the convergence of the need (and demand) for Student voice and the moral imperative for culturally responsive resources which help […]

For an inclusive society, teach our children a new story (Commentary)

Article Link or read below As our country experiences the trauma of the killing of yet another black man by police, and the nationwide fallout and polarization arising from it, we must ask ourselves: How is it possible that a people who can harness boundless energy, spirit and collaboration to conquer outer space can struggle […]

Harvard’s Dr. Richard Weissbourd endorses Change the Story – A Game to Alter Reality””

A Game to Alter Reality” enables young people to examine many of the most pressing challenges of our times–including poverty

CSEE Director Emeritus Dr. David Streight endorses Change the Story, A Game to Alter Reality

his work as an educator has focused on changing the world by transforming the inner core of young people through the magic of stories. In his latest

November 19th annual celebration – categories- oswego

CiTi Superintendent

INSPIRE14! Leaders say stories and soft skills are key to helping students and economy

the Chairman of Wisdom Thinkers Network

ACT Foundation Redefines the American Dream Within a National Learning Economy

TX (July 30

Widom Thinkers Network Awarded Grant

Wisdom Thinkers Network recently received a Grant from the Richard S. Shineman Foundation to support and assist in implementing the Stories to Light Our Way Education program and anti- bullying simulation games to promote positive changes in behavior, improved academic performance and a better more inclusive school environment. About Richard S. Shineman Foundation.  The Richard S. Shineman […]

Ralph Singh’s Story’s to Light Our Way””

Nat’l Blue Ribbon and School Of Character winner

Cleveland Elementary was on display for Central NY and the world to see

Nat’l School of Character, Cleveland Elementary and WTN Stories featured on local NPR affiliate

NY Elementary School Finds Building Character Boosts Performance” href=”http://waer.org/post/cleveland-ny-elementary-school-finds-building-character-boosts-performance” target=”_blank”>Completed article
Public Schools started this week…and one Central New York school is trying to pack in much more than the Core Curriculum. Cleveland Elementary in Oswego County has a commitment to “Chara

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