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Inspiring Oswego County!

Welcome to the Wisdom Thinkers Movement

Linking character education in schools with the essential soft skills for employment and life skills for citizenship in our great country and the world, all through the power of stories. Our goal is to equip all our children with a character-rich foundation needed for meaningful life in School, Community, and the Workplace.

Inspiring Oswego County!
Bringing Oswego County Schools, Community & Businesses together
to prepare our children for the tests of life
So they can stay in the county and change the story!


Inspiring Oswego County has grown out of a year-long initiative kicked off in September 2014 with a county-wide leadership level conference entitled “Inspire 14!”

We currently have 4 districts – Central Square, Fulton, Hannibal, Sandy Creek and CiTi (Oswego County BOSES) who use our wisdom stories, Stories to Light Our Way, and are part of our ongoing community engagement efforts to bring the community, businesses and educators together in regular discussions to support our children.

This year we are planning a student-run grassroots celebration to showcase the exciting accomplishments of our children and introduce our new community-based initiative for parents, community members, and businesses to strengthen the local impact, and build leadership opportunities for our children at home.

Click here for flyer

This is by initiative only – if you are interested in attending, please contact your local district, community agency, or participating business.

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