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Middle School

Middle School

Students are able to use stories they had internalized as children as a lens/filter in critical thinking to interpret the world around them. They are challenged to ask:

  • “If this story informed us – what would our environmental policy be?”
  • “How would we deal with poverty?”
  • “How would I have handled this situation differently?”

Both the stories align with the Social Studies inquiry model and supplement curriculum is ELA and social studies multi-cultural modules.

Stories middle school



Change the story: A Game to Alter Reality – inquiry model


Have you ever felt like you had no control over your life or the world around you? “Change the Story” was created as a learning game allowing students, and adults, to take control of their lives and the world around them and learn character education.

“Students want their studies to be relevant to their lives and feel they can have an impact on the world around them. Using “Change the Story” they can link project-based learning to service learning to help solve some of the intractable problems of our times.” – Ralph Singh

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