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We can help you create a simple path to engaged, compassionate, world citizen – leaders, while creating a school climate that honors diversity, nurtures character, and discourages bullying.

For inspiration to move beyond the norm – Ask Ralph Singh to speak to your school or organization. He is available for keynotes, assemblies, master workshops, and professional development.

Contact him at info@wisdomthinkers.org.



Stories to Light Our Way

Build Caring, Engaged School Communities, Nurture Character, Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding Seamlessly w.i. ELA PK-8

Easily Embed Character Education to create a vibrant classroom and school climate, which honors diversity, nurtures character, and deters bullying.

Each of these award-winning eleven stories, narrated by renowned storyteller, Ralph Singh, stars a child or an animal.

They introduce and celebrate diverse cultures from around the world and teach a particular value or reinforce a positive behavior. Ideal for both educators and families, the stories provide the perfect opportunity to engage children in conversations that support making wise choices, and nurturing compassion.

“Stories to Light Our Way is a wonderful resource for introducing young people to the wisdom and moral lessons found in the world’s religions and cultures. The stories are presented in ways that allow children to learn about the beliefs and values that have shaped h man experience for centuries. The Wisdom Thinkers Network’s approach to story-telling is an educationally and constitutionally sound way for schools to build good character and encourage cross-cultural understanding.”

Charles C. Haynes, Senior Scholar, First Amendment Center, President, Character Education Partnership

Change the Story

Linking Project-Based Learning to Service Learning to Solve 5 Major Injustices

“Ralph Singh has advanced a vital goal. He’s figured out an engaging way for young people to grapple with crucial issues of injustice. “Change the Story, A Game to Alter Reality” enables young people to examine many of the most pressing challenges of our times-including poverty, bullying, environmental degradation, and intolerance. And it gives young people the space to think about the challenges of change and to brainstorm actionable solutions.”

DR. RICHARD WEISSBOURD, Faculty Director, Human Development and Psychology Program, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Lead Author, “Turning the Tide, Inspiring Concern for Others and the Common Good through College Ad- missions” and “The Parents We Mean to Be”
Say Yes To Education Summer Institute 2011

Meet Ralph Singh

Chairman and CEO of Wisdom Thinkers Network, a diverse group of acclaimed thought leaders in business, education, science, poverty alleviation, environment, community, and religious organizations who believe stories have the power to change the world. By reweaving the wisdom of our traditional stories, both sacred and secular, and our new understandings into education and public life, we feel we can strengthen our social fabric and foster a more compassionate, inclusive, civil society.

Have Ralph convene a round-table, speak to your school or organization, or consult with your staff about using stories to build character education programs, contact him at info@wisdomthinkers.org or 888-793-7257.

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