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Introducing our brand new stand alone Pre-K Volume. Each package comes with age appropriate lesson plans and activities. 

Stories to Light Our Way

Build Caring, Engaged School Communities, Nurture Character, Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding, and deter Bullying simply within ELA standards.

Welcome to “Stories to Light Our Way,” a simple resource to seamlessly embed character education into your existing classroom routine or school program to create a vibrant classroom and school culture, nurture character, honor diversity, and deter bullying.

This Teacher’s version contains stories from eleven different traditions and cultures around the world, to aid in cross-cultural understanding. Each story is keyed to a particular behavior or character trait   

Age appropriate lesson plans, divided pre-K-2, 3-5 plus 6, so you can, seamlessly integrate them into Common Core Standards ELA through the Domains and Modules and cross-curricular references to science, math, social studies, and special needs adaptations. 

“Stories to Light Our Way is a wonderful resource for introducing young people to the wisdom and moral lessons found in the world’s religions and cultures. The stories are presented in ways that allow children to learn about the beliefs and values that have shaped human experience for centuries. The Wisdom Thinkers Network’s approach to story-telling is an educationally and constitutionally sound way for schools to build good character and encourage cross-cultural understanding.” Charles C. Haynes Senior Scholar, First Amendment Center President, Character Education Partnership

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