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Culturally Responsive SEL
Storytelling Tool Kit | PREMIUM

Build Caring, Engaged School Communities, Nurture Character, Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding easily within ELA

Full Grade Specific Curriculum with a deep
dive sequenced lesson plans for a whole year.

5 SEL competencies taught through stories

Pre-K thru 6th grade with Middle School and High School Extensions 

Grade specific curriculum

Moving from Theory to Practice: Stories to Light Our Way

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Building Wide Alignment

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Customizable PD and/or coaching check-ins

Including “Avoiding the danger of a single story: Culturally responsive teaching through story telling”


Story Example: The Turtle Who Just Couldn’t Keep His Mouth Shut A story of self-control

Here’s what students are saying:

  • “When we listen to the stories and really try to understand them, we can become better citizens and better friends.”

Here’s what teachers are saying:

  • The stories have helped the children quickly internalize behavioral messages that have otherwise been difficult to teach. They will carry these stories with them for the rest of their lives.”
  • The stories seem to have countless potential in the classroom and community with involvement from staff, community members and students.
  • The stories can empower students to be involved and make changes in themselves, their home and their communities.
  • Love the idea of having High School students share the stories and discuss the characters with younger, elementary school students.
  • It is so important to allow students to tell their story, and not fall into the trap of defining students by, and teaching a single story.
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