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Sandy Creek Central School Wisdom Thinkers Showcase


Sandy Creek Central School Wisdom Thinkers Showcase: A school wide approach developing student run programs from Elementary to Middle, and High School

Elementary and Middle/Upper School Coordinators, Jackie Hobbs and Dori Hathway, and teachers, Brandi Norton and Tricia Thomas describe the variety of ways they have implemented STLOW through extras and classroom coordination, and developed the Sandy Creek Wisdom Thinkers. Student led classroom and service learning projects are highlighted.


Topics Covered

  1. Description of the uses of STLOW by several elementary teachers – developing the Sandy Creek Wisdom Thinkers
  2. Linking stories to creative and interactive projects described and showna. Plays

    b. Student-implemented Bulletin Boards

    c. Promotes leadership, community and inner reflection

    d. Wisdom Thinkers MS Club

    e. Service learning projects

    f. Shake it off!

  3. Stories referenced: Little Girl Who Spoke to Trees, Shifting Sands, The Turtle Who Couldn’t Keep His Mouth Shut, Child Who Swallowed the Sun (nurturing hidden gifts)
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