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Stories to Light Our Way

Stories to Light Our Way

Build Caring, Engaged School Communities, Nurture Character, Foster Cross-Cultural Understanding easily within ELA

Stories to Light Our Way is an award-winning, entertaining educational Audio CD with music and sound effects, and accompanying Study Guide that introduces and celebrates diverse cultures and traditions from around the world. Each of the eleven stories, narrated by renowned storyteller, Ralph Singh, features a child or an animal as the protagonist, and teach a particular value or reinforce a certain character trait. The study guide includes the essential and other thought provoking questions to improve deep listening and critical thinking skills. Ideal for both educators and families, the stories provide the perfect opportunity to engage children in conversations that support making wise choices, nurturing compassion, building character and creating a sense of social responsibility.

Stories to Light Our Way can be seamlessly integrated into Common Core Standards ELA through the lesson plans aligned with grade-specific Domains and Modules and cross-curricular references to science, math, social studies, and special needs adaptations.

Available in standalone Pre-K, Elementary (Pre-K though 6), Middle School, as well as, High School and adult study guide.

Our Sample Study Guide Pages

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