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Helping all children find their story (while avoiding the “danger of a single story”)

HELPING ALL CHILDREN FIND THEIR STORY (while avoiding the “Danger of Single Story”) DescriptionHelping all children find their story (while avoiding the “danger of a single story”) -This is a pivotal moment in education – the convergence of the need (and demand) for Student voice and the moral imperative for culturally responsive resources which help […]

For an inclusive society, teach our children a new story (Commentary)

Article Link or read below As our country experiences the trauma of the killing of yet another black man by police, and the nationwide fallout and polarization arising from it, we must ask ourselves: How is it possible that a people who can harness boundless energy, spirit and collaboration to conquer outer space can struggle […]

The End Of Poverty

Wisdom Thinkers is producing a series of shorts on the work and ideas of some of our members – The first features

Stories from the Depths of Our Beings

The Wisdom Thinkers Network

Commentary: Seek society’s shared narrative, says spiritual leader Ralph Singh

Few holidays bind family and community together in a national narrative the way Thanksgiving does. Aside from the food, football and preparation for Black Friday, Thanksgiving gives us all time to reflect on something greater — a greater good — a greater power — a greater way of being human. Read More“

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