Wisdom Thinkers Network

What does inclusive mean to you?

Let Wisdom Thinkers help you build a more inclusive school climate by adding our Culturally Responsive Resources and Curriculum, Stories to Light our Way, to your current framework.  This can be accomplished either as a stand-alone or compliment to any of your existing SEL/character ed programs.

What we offer

  • Professional development and teacher training in using culturally diverse resources to gain another perspective.
  • Experience and research based in both urban and rural settings – in school, afterschool, and summer programs.

Wisdom Thinkers is a nationally recognized partner of the Fetzer Institute, a pioneer in emotional intelligence and social emotional learning and funders of Daniel Goleman’s original research and convener and ongoing funder of CASEL.

Why the Wisdom Thinkers program?

  • It’s simple to implement as a stand-alone or a complement to any existing program.
  • Easy to teach and integrate into any classroom setting or building wide framework
  • Easily internalized by students
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