Wisdom Thinkers Network

Community Engagement

From our roundtables to our core programs we help reweave the fabric of our society and repair the moral fiber so badly frayed by divisiveness and greed. We bring schools, community, and business leaders together to support and involve our children in building a future for themselves, their communities and their world so they may become active citizens of our vibrant democracy.

Changing the Story from Intolerance to Inclusion 

We help build inclusive communities – whether in a school, a university, organizations, towns and cities – our interactive presentations allow all stakeholders to create the tools they need to live, study, and flourish together without hatred and divisiveness. We like to say, everyone is welcome, just leave your hatred at the door!

See oped – – “To Go from Intolerance to Inclusion, let’s create a shared narrative”


“Reweaving the Fabric, One Story at a Time,” Wisdom Thinkers Oral History Project –

allows young people to connect with the elders who built their communities, and through their stories learn and value the core wisdom of their region. We hope this helps rebuild a sense of community largely lost in today’s fast-paced world. using the power of story to explore the missing link between character education and a positive, ethical culture in your community, and county workplaces. https://www.wisdomthinkers.org/oral-history/

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