Stories have the power to change the world

The stories we choose to tell and how we choose to tell them will determine the future course of civilization.”

We use culturally responsive Wisdom Stories

  • To help children find their story – then change the story of the world
  • To celebrate community – through oral history – “Reweaving the Fabric”
  • To bring diverse communities together

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“A simple approach to transformational SEL”

In school –
“Stories to Light Our Way” culturally responsive toolkits could be the perfect SEL/character ed solution you’ve been looking for. Cross-walked between Next Gen ELA standards, they are simple to integrate the stories and activities to help improve reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills of students who have fallen behind.

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OST – Out of School Time, after school, summer, and community based
“Finding my Story” – customized SEL/character ed program will fit in any setting and any time frame
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The power of narrative –
Changing the story – building ethics into critical thinking and writing
To help our youth overcome the traumas of drugs and poverty around them.

Community Building – Sharing our stories –
“If I can’t listen to, and honor your story, we can’t be in community together”
We help build more inclusive communities.
Let our team help you celebrate, while expanding your community

inclusive group

with our turn-key Oral History project
or our community building roundtables
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SPEAKING – have Ralph Singh Speak or lead workshops
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