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Educational Vistas, Inc. is a proud partner of Wisdom Thinkers Network – an organization promoting research based, culturally responsive Social Emotional Learning, Character Education, and Community Engagement. Learn more at:

Social Emotional Learning and Character Ed Curriculum & Resources

A Class All Its Own

Educational Vistas and Wisdom Thinkers have partnered to provide educators with a powerful set of SEL tools and capabilities unlike any other in the industry. “Stories to Light Our Way” can change everything about the way you teach and the results you can expect from transformative SEL.

  • Simple to access remotely and Google compatible
  • Implement as a stand-alone or to complement any existing program
  • Integrate into any classroom setting or building-wide framework
  • Easily internalized by students of all ages
  • Helps connect diverse communities from schools to parents to workplaces
  • Aligns and integrates with NYS guidelines, CASEL competencies and strengths

A Suite of Culturally Responsive Storytelling Toolkits

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Stories to Light Our Way

WisdomThinkers’ award-winning storytelling approach with research-based, teacher-designed and tested activities, discussions, and lesson plans is easy to implement both in and out of the classroom, including summer school.Plus, it provides an engaging and enlightening learning experienced that can be internalized by students of all ages.

For In School

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And OST – Out of School

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Story Hi-lites

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Community building

Sharing our stories – 

“If I can’t listen to and honor your story, we can’t be in community together”

We help build more inclusive communities. 

Let our team help you celebrate, while expanding your community (making more inclusive)

Reweaving the Fabric – our turn key oral history program


“Stories to Light Our Way is a wonderful resource for introducing young people to the wisdom and moral lessons found in the world’s religions and cultures. The stories are presented in ways that allow children to learn about the beliefs and values that have shaped human experience for centuries. The Wisdom Thinkers Network’s approach to story-telling is an educationally and constitutionally sound way for public schools to build good character and encourage cross-cultural understanding.”

Charles C. Haynes, Chairman, Character Education Partnership Senior Scholar, First Amendment Center Director, Religious Freedom Education Project

“I consider Stories to Light Our Way a real gem. Your collection and retelling of key stories from some of our world’s great religious and cultural traditions fills such a need as our world grows smaller, though not necessarily kinder. The fact that your work aims explicitly at fostering moral and spiritual growth – at furthering that kindness – makes it all the more meaningful. You have done us all a service, and I want to express my gratitude on behalf of CSEE and of a number of schools, and young people in them, that I know will benefit from your efforts.”

David Streight, Executive Director, Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education

I think extraordinarily highly of what you’ve created in terms of the set of resources and the teaching and learning process. I am aware of scores of different SEL programs, characteristics and what you’re doing I think, is simply superb. I think it’s helping kids not only develop sense of social and emotional and moral understandings and skills, but it’s but it’s engaging. It’s just it’s a terrific program

Dr.Jonathan Cohen


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