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Social Emotional Learning

WTN and Stories to Light our Way – take the lead with a multi-cultural platform which simply integrates SEL and character ed into academic – classroom practices – “ASEL”.

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Community Engagement

Bringing schools, community and businesses together to prepare our children for the tests of life – so that they can stay in the county and change the story! Learn more here.

Community Strengths Institute – Giving People a Voice Again Taking our roundtables to the grass-roots to help change the story

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EdVistas choses Wisdom Thinkers Stories to Light Our Way as their lead SEL/Character ED

Wisdom Thinkers has partnered with Educational Vistas, one of the premiere education companies in NYState, to market and promote their award winning Stories to Light our Way. EdVistas works with 600 schools in the state and numerous BOCES and RICs. This creates a major win-win for both organizations – EdVistas, CEO, Scott Crowder and Dr. Bruce Crowder have both worked with Ralph Singh and feel the stories, integrated into CCSS and SEL provide a unique approach to simply creating a school climate, that honors diversity, nurtures character, and deters bullying.

This provides WTN a digital platform with a reach anywhere people want to benefit from the power of universal wisdom stories.

In The News

Wisdom Thinkers “Slow the Spread” Gets a Shout Out from County Executive Ryan McMahon

Snappy Poster Contest Gallery Test

WTN Snappy Poster Contest

Help Snappy Slow the Spread!

Support grows for North Pole Ice Cream stand in Chittenango

Chittenango fifth graders using Snappy show support of the North Pole after a woman recently berated two young employees who told her to wear a mask in order to be served. 

For an Inclusive Society, Teach Our Children a New Story

As our country experiences the trauma of the killing of yet another black man by police, and the nationwide fallout and polarization arising from it, we must ask ourselves: How is it possible that a people who can harness boundless energy, spirit and collaboration to conquer outer space can struggle […]

Speaking Engagements

For inspiration to move beyond the norm – Ask Ralph Singh to speak to your school or organization

Keynotes, assemblies, master workshops, professional development


Education in a Culturally Diverse World – Educating for an Inclusive Workplace

Ralph was invited to speak to the Diversity Committee at Syracuse Research Corporation. The talk was universally well received and helped expand the conversation on diversity in the workplace beyond STEM to SEL and character traits in our education system.


Stories to Light Our Way—A Path to Engaged, Compassionate, World Citizens

Create a school climate that honors diversity, nurtures character, and discourages bullying seamlessly within Common Core Standards. Award-winning Stories to Light Our Way is presented through 11 quickly internalized, powerful stories, from diverse cultures. Available in Pre-K to 8 modules, with audio CD.

Change The Story- A Game to Alter Reality

A powerful small-group process linking Project-Based Learning to Service Learning to Solve 5 Major Injustices.

Inquiry model based, ideal for middle and high school.

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