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Award winning multi-cultural stories, with research-based, teacher designed and tested activities, discussions, and lesson plans. Easily internalized by students of all ages and simply implemented in both in school and out of school settings.

Culturally Responsive SEL Storytelling Tool Kits

Using our award winning multi-cultural “Stories to Light Our Way,” aligned to both CASEL’s SEL competencies and Character.org’s character strengths with activities and lesson plans integrated into CC and next gen ELA standards we can help you simply create a culturally responsive framework (resources) for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and answer “how do I avoid the danger of a single story?” and train teachers to be respectful of another’s stories.

Basic Stories with activities and discussion questions for use in building wide, classroom settings and out of school

  • 12 downloadable multi-cultural stories
  • With 3 audio ebooks
  • 1 hour onboarding
  • Each comes with Mp3 audio files
  • 3 activities per story
  • 5 discussion questions
  • Easily accessed through custom website
  • 1 Master login per building

Bundled Lesson Plans at Teacher’s Own Pace

Level 1 plus:

  • Pre-k – K-2 -3-5 -and 6-8 modules
  • Stories with CCS/Next Gen standards ELA w at least 1 lesson plan per age group complete with exceptional ed and ELL adaptations
  • Domains and modules
  • Easily integrated into any classroom setting
  • 6 hours of PD and/or coaching check ins

To be delivered through custom GDrive for those using google classroom.


Full Grade Specific Curriculum
A deep dive with sequenced lesson plans for a whole year

Level 1 plus:  

  • 7 of the Stories aligned w SEL competencies
  • Each with 4 weeks of k-5 grade specific ELA CCS/next gen lesson plans
    adaptable to middle and HS
  • 100 lesson plans
  • Each w project-based and service learning components
  • 12 hours of PD with coaching check ins
  • Custom alignment to existing building wide programs – no need to change what your team has worked so hard to build

To be delivered through custom G-Drive for those using google classroom.

Other products and services

A Game to Alter Reality

Linking Project-Based Learning to Service Learning to Solve 5 Major Injustices

Our media is dominated by violence and conflict, killings and conflict in shows and games, and the ideological gridlock and confrontations that our news bombards us with. In short, the world is not a pretty place. How could we change the story?

Wisdom Thinkers uses the power of stories, foundational wisdom stories you may have learned when you were younger, to change the way people think about a problem – to reveal hidden ways that we can change the world by changing the story.

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