Self-control is a key way that everyone can help defeat the Virus.

Then we can think of ways we can help others!

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Read/Listen to the Story, answer or discuss some key questions, and complete the fun activities!

The Turtle Who Just Couldn’t Keep His Mouth Shut A story of self-control

Snappy the Snapping Turtle was always snapping at anything or anyone who came near him. Even those who just happened to say, “Good morning,” nearly got their heads bitten off. He was so angry that soon there was no one in the pond who would go near him. You might be grumpy, too, if you were always stuck in the mud.

But everything changed the day a pair of swans on their way home spotted the little pond where Snappy lived and decided to drop in for a rest. Snappy had never seen anything so beautiful. Read more.


  • How can you show self-control?
  • What does it mean to be stuck in the mud?
  • Who are the swans in your life?
  • How can you be a swan to someone else?

” Sometimes, learning that the most important thing to control is ourselves, helps us through the most difficult times, and can even help defeat the virus.

Let’s take this time to strengthen our selves and then when this crisis passes – we will be able to tackle even the most difficult problems we have in school and life with a new perspective “

Live reading of the story by the author

Practicing Self-control is one key thing that we all can do to help slow the spread of Covid 19. Join Ralph Singh, and his friend Snappy, the turtle who couldn’t keep his mouth shut – to learn fun ways to practice self-control and do your part to help – once you’ve learned ways to control your self you can think of ways to help others.